Custom Mug Rugs Drink Coasters

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The Mug Rugs Story

Mug Rugs are a new coaster concept developed by Mike Meier, a tavern and restaurant owner whose family has been involved in the beverage industry for over seventy years. He wanted to replace the old fashioned, non-absorbent coasters with something practical, functional, and fun.

Mike's search for the perfect coaster eventually led to the Mug Rug. They are coasters made of a type of material that is colorful, absorbent, easy to clean, 100% washable, and virtually indestructible. And best of all, Mug Rug's can be printed in full color with your message or logo. Your customers will enjoy using Mug Rug's in their home or office for many years, making Mug Rugs the perfect promotional tool.

Vendors - Wholesale pricing and large quantity distribution available. Special Vendor Online Ordering. Custom Printing - Your Logo. Your Brand. Mug Rugs can be customized with any full color design.
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